About Us

History & Purpose:

BallotBin.com started on a cold night in the winter of 2000 in a Georgetown University dormitory (Henle 69) as a result of frustration with the Georgetown University Student Association. Our chief aim is to promote democratic means of decision-making in all kinds of organizations.

Hierarchical organization structures are fine and good. Humanity needs them for many reasons. However, some decisions are best made by the people they affect. BallotBin hopes to enable and facilitate democratic processes for the world.

Besides elections, surveys play an important role in any democratic process. Market assesments and opinion polls are often useful in satisfying customers and constituents. BallotBin.com makes it easy to survey a controlled group of people, track response rates, etc. Hopefully, this will make it possible for elected officials and companies to listen to the voice of the people and work towards meeting the demands.

What we offer:

BallotBin users have access to a variety of voting and suveying services that are free or reasonably priced. You can create elections (and surveys) with controlled voter lists, limit voting times, track voting progress, check voter participation, and tabulate results. In addition, results are displayed in a variety of graphical formats and can be exported to CSV (comma-delimited) format for processing in Excel, Kspread, etc.

The company also plans to offer an election virtual-hosting service whereby other companies who focus on a certain market may rent out our election capabilities. Under the terms of this service, the customer may offer BallotBin election services through its own website. Companies that cater to college students and college clubs might be particularly interested in this service.

Corporations seeking customized service and a higher level of attention may inquire about our specialty voting services using the contact form. We can assist you in creating and tracking elections.

Corporate Relationships :

If you'd like to form a strategic partnership with us, please email contact us.

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